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How To Put Yourself First (Testimonial)

Get inspired by this testimonial from Suzy Read, who’s been training at Integral Wellness for 2 years and is certainly one of the most dedicated and consistent exercisers we know.

We are proud of being able to help her journey by creating a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone looking to improve health and wellness.

Here’s what she shared with us about prioritizing health, finding time to take care of herself, and her experience at Integral Wellness.

“My goal always was to stay in shape and you guys help me a lot with that, you keep me on track, you keep me motivated. I love the classes, there’s always something different!

I really enjoy working out, and I get cranky if I don’t do it. If I can’t get to the gym, I at least go out for a walk.

I’ve always been active. My previous job didn’t allow me to be as consistent as I am now, because I was on the road travelling all day, so it was harder, and in the evenings, I got tired after work, and then you don’t feel like working out, so the noon time classes work really good for me and fit my schedule.

Now my team at work knows that from 12 to 1 I am not available. Even some of my clients know that I am not going to be there from 12 to 1, because that’s “me” time.

It just makes me feel so much better when I know that I have got my workout in for the day, and I can get it in before the end of the day.

So I just make it part of my routine, it’s in my calendar at work, so I know that I have t leave at 12 and will be back by 1, and currently I just don’t have to think about it, I just do it.

Before I started, I was thinking about it for a while, yes, and then, it was January, you know, you make these New Year commitments. I saw your ads on FB and I was like hmmm, I am going t reach out, it doesn’t hurt just to have a chat. So I reached out and Jamie set up and appointment with me, one-on-one conversation, and he said, when do you want to start, and I was like, right away! let’s do it!

So I joined it, and I never look back, I’ve never regretted it, not one minute, it’s been a great journey!

You always think about losing weight, but I never had to lose too much weight, fortunately in that regard I’ve always been healthy and looked after myself, but it’s not so much about the scales. When think about it, muscle weighs more than fat, it’s not really what the numbers are on the scale, it’s how you feel, and I feel so much better now, I am stronger, I can do things for myself, I don’t have to rely on other people to lift stuff.

To people that are on the fence, or not sure, really, you need to take that time for yourself, but people might think: oh it’s too expensive, or I don’t have the time… You know you need to find the time for yourself. And what price can you put on your health?

You can think of “too expensive”, but do you go to Tim Hortons every day? Do you go eat out sometimes? Those are all things that you have to think about but putting your health first. You can’t really put a price on health.

I’ve always been active. I like to walk and things like that, but at my job before, I was always travelling, I couldn’t get into that routine of always coming to a class. I actually purchased a home gym when COVID hit, and I thought, I am going to go in my basement, and I am going to work out, every day, every morning, and it never happened, it just collected dust.

So for me that didn’t work, for me the classes is the way it works best, cause it’s motivating, because if I am left to do it on my own I am not going to do it.

Even through Covid, with online workouts at home, you guys made us accountable, because you had us on video, we had to show you that we were working out, so that kept us going.

I love the atmosphere, I love you guys and how energized you are and you keep us motivated. Like yesterday in the weight circuit you said: “I think you can do more,” you added more weight to my exercise, and it’s fun, everyday there is something different, that’s what I really like – it’s not always the same workout, and you motivate us cause you say all the time: “just 15s left, just 10, you can do anything for 10s, you got this, just 5s.”

You guys are doing a great job, you keep classes on time. That’s important for me, cause I have to be back at the office by 1, and you guys keep me motivated, and there’s always a different class, so no, I don’t see anything to improve.

Yes, it’s the discipline that keeps me going and how I feel. I just feel so much better when I do my workouts, that I make a commitment to myself, it’s my time. And it’s very seldom that we take time for ourselves, you know, it’s always for family, for friends, for work. We need take time for us and just do it for ourselves, and you will thank yourself for doing this.

We are not getting any younger, we have one life to live, and one body to look after, so we have to look after it. Absolutely. Just do it, don’t think too much about it. Just do it, make it part of your routine, make that commitment to yourself. It’s worth it, just look after yourself. Just do it.”

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