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FREE Summer Challenge – 21 Days of Fitness

It’s time for a summer challenge!

Signing up for a new fitness regime is only step one on our journey to a better, healthier you. So now you are on the road to your fitness goals, and commitment can be tough.

So how can you stay the course? A challenge is a great way to stay motivated.

Now you have a chance o join our private Integral Health and Wellness Facebook Group for FREE to get access to a lot of valuable information to help you reach any goals – Nutrition, Consistency, Motivation, Mindfulness and much more.

Here are some tips for keeping motivated throughout our three week challenge:

  1. Put your goals somewhere you can see them regularly. This will help remind you why you are doing this, and how you are progressing.
  2. Celebrate the little wins as well as the big. So you took the stairs instead of the lift today, and you made it to the gym for a Workout. Great accomplishments! Remind yourself of each and every win.
  3. work with a friend. It makes the workout seem more fun, and you can help keep each other accountable. People are much ore likely to complete a fitness plan when they work with a friend. 
  4. If you hit a little bump don’t let it bring you down. Forget it, and move on, don’t give up!
  5. Use the resources available to you. Our gym has some great support services to help keep you motivated. Chat to your fitness mentor, make friends in class, share your questions and achievements in the group, or simply stay tuned to the regular emails.

All those are great reminders as to why you are doing this in such a supportive environment.

On this FREE 21-Day challenge, we are providing an exclusive calendar for you to check mark your daily workouts and share your results with us.

Let’s help each other and celebrate together.

Contact us to get invited to our Exclusive Facebook Group – or 506 300-1930