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What to do when you have a setback

There is no success without failure. We will all have setbacks along the journey to reaching our goals. When this happens, we need to give ourselves grace.

Perfection is not the goal. If you were able to achieve your goal perfectly, it would not be a goal, it would be a constant in your life already.

People tend to be very hard on themselves for slip-ups or not following through perfectly. But this negative self-talk will only hurt your self-confidence and you’ll be more likely to not continue.

Mistakes or setbacks are part of the process. These moments allow you to:

Reflect: Think about what circumstances or barriers surrounded your setback. What was the true cause? Was it external factors? Internal? Was the goal S.M.A.R.T?

Learn: Use this moment to learn what does or does not work for you. Barriers or challenges can be overcome, but you may have to get creative on how you can get through yours. Everyone lives a different experience and what works for one person, may not work for you. Find what works for you.

Regroup: Restructure your steps to achieve your goal. Remember that if something isn’t working for you, it doesn’t mean you give up.   

Keep Going: You got this! Change your mindset and be positive. If you didn’t drink your water today, you can always try again tomorrow. Keep moving and looking forward.

Remember that you are human: There is no true failure in trying: the failure is in never trying at all or giving up.

These difficult moments can be made into opportunities to grow stronger.

By giving yourself the grace to make mistakes, reflect, learn, grow and continue on your journey, you are likely to have more self-confidence and achieve your goals.

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