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4 Ways to Get Results in Fitness

1 – Don’t focus just on calories While calories are an important aspect of a balanced diet, weight loss or weight gain, it’s not all, and maybe not even the most important, especially for your health. You should be more focused on activating your metabolism, so your body consumes more […]

Oils or Butters?

When chatting to people about healthy cooking, one thing that comes up all the time is what oils or butters should be used. We thought we’d quickly share some info on each to help you make the better choice! 1.  Canola oil Many studies claim that canola oil can lower […]

Feel Better, Perform Better

Did you know that most Canadians are not making an effort to stay hydrated? And that it has an impact on overall health? It’s crazy to think that three out of four people may not be drinking enough water. While most people have heard the common suggestion to drink eight […]

Get The Calories Burning

We know it’s easy to give warm-up a miss when you are short on time, and keen to get the heart pumping and the calories burning. BUT…warm-up is super important in avoiding injury, and preparing our muscles and nervous system so they can work optimally during your workout.  Here are […]

Spring Cleaning

Did you know you can declutter your mind by decluttering your space? Last week was the beginning of Spring. We know what that means…spring cleaning! Extra stuff does equal extra stress. Some research suggests that decluttering can have as much of an effect on your well-being as it does on […]