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Stretching and Recovery Tools

We’ve touched on the importance of regular stretching and warm-ups and their importance in preventing workout injuries. Now we want to talk about some of the tools and equipment you can use to help your body recover faster and better after a workout, while also preventing a painful injury.  1. […]

Trouble Sleeping?

Why is that on nights we feel we need the most sleep, we have the hardest time falling asleep? Seriously, it never fails! You’re lying there, wide awake, looking at the clock every 10 minutes. And the stress of not falling asleep, makes it take longer for you to finally […]

It’s Always The Food

Did you know that a healthy diet is the most important factor in achieving great fitness results? Here are some easy ways to improve your nutrition: Up the H20 – water can be a game-changer. We need water to hydrate after those sweaty workouts, but also to help with circulating […]

Busy Life and Healthy Eating

If you live a busy life, it can be hard to keep healthy eating on track. Some people grab unhealthy options on the run, are travelling lots so eat our frequently, or simply decide to not eat at all because they are too busy. Eating the right food on a […]

Healthy Gut

Our bodies are filled with lots of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are live bacteria that line our digestive track, and are said to be good bacteria as they help to keep our gut nice and healthy by assisting our body to properly absorb nutrients and also boost our immune […]