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5 Diet Mistakes

I think most people can agree that it can be challenging to figure out the “right” things to eat. Especially when you’re also exercising. There’s so much conflicting info out there that it can be overwhelming to sort through the junk. One thing’s for sure—if you’re trying to be stronger […]

Simplifying Nutrition

Do you ever feel like the amount of information out there about food is overwhelming? Do you feel like the rules about “good food” are always changing? One minute something is healthy for you and the next day there’s an article about how bad it is for you. For example […]

The Truth About How To Boost Motivation

How many times have you promised yourself that this time will be different? You’ll lose weight, be more productive, get fit, eat more vegetables…and then you don’t? Does it sound familiar? Whenever we set goals, things usually start off pretty well, right? The truth is, getting motivated is easy. Motivation […]

Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors have become increasingly popular recently. With advances in wearable technology, from Fitbit to Garmin, heart rate monitors have been making their way from the professional athlete’s gym to the sidewalk in your neighborhood. But with it becoming more common, we might not realize the benefits of wearing […]

Treadmill (or clothes hanger?)

The treadmill is either the most loved, or the most hated piece of equipment in the gym. At home it’s famous for changing your life, or being used as a clothes hanger. No doubts about it though, it’s a great way to get moving, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and burn […]