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Get The Calories Burning

We know it’s easy to give warm-up a miss when you are short on time, and keen to get the heart pumping and the calories burning. BUT…warm-up is super important in avoiding injury, and preparing our muscles and nervous system so they can work optimally during your workout. 

Here are some great ways to get warm before your workout:

  1. Jogging on the spot – spend a minute or two lightly jogging on one spot
  2. Arm stretches – fold one arm across your body, and fold the other arm up around it vertically and pull gently. Hold for twenty seconds, then swap and do the other arm 
  3. Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds of jumping jacks will have the blood moving and the heart pumping ready for the main event
  4. Touch your toes, and hold this stretch gently for ten seconds. Do it three times in total
  5. Leg Swings – kick your leg gently forward away from your body, and then back in the other direction. Keep your leg gently swinging for 5 movements, then swap and do the other leg
  6. Arm swings – Roll your arms around creating circles. Do this gently for 10 movements. 
  7. Squat – gently and slowly 10 times
  8. Ankle turns – if you are planning to run or jump, then rotating your angles around 5 times one way, and back the other way, will have them feeling nice and prepared for what’s ahead
  9. Neck stretches – gently moving your head from side to side, and rolling your head around 
  10. Back – raise your elbows to a right angle and with your feet glued to the floor, gently rotate your torso to give your back a nice stretch