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Brainstorming Through Barriers

We all have obstacles or perceived barriers to our goals – they are a part of life that seem to get in the way or stop you completely from continuing along your journey.

Now you may be derailed, or slowed down, but there are usually solutions to these barriers. It can take the art of brainstorming to find them, and figure out how to remove, go around or climb over these perceived barriers.

This technique is a way of generating ideas and organizing your thoughts on a topic.

Brainstorming is important in many aspects of life:

  • When you realize that you need a change in your life and want to get to the true core of what that is.
  • When you are figuring out your first steps to achieve that end goal, by coming up with smaller goals that lead you to your final destination.
  • Also, inevitably, when you come up against a crossroads or a blockade, you will need to brainstorm.

We love the art of brainstorming, throwing 1000 ideas against the wall and figuring out what will stick. Here is a golden rule to brainstorming: no idea is too wild in the first stage.

There are different ways you can go about it, here are a few:

Mind Dump is exactly what you think, you are dumping out all your ideas with no rhyme or reason. You can do this on paper, your phone, or your computer. Typically, when you have a problem, you will have been pondering it in your mind for some time. This method allows you to get it all out. You will just write everything down in bullet points. Once you have emptied all your ideas out of your mind, you can look at your list and start to organize it and work through the information.

Mind Mapping is a creative way to lay out your ideas. You start with the main issue in the centre and branch off with any ideas for solutions. You draw lines linking connected ideas. You do not overthink it as you do it. Just write down where each idea took you and connect them. This process of brainstorming is similar to how your brain works through information, so it can come naturally. This way can tap into your creativity and imagination, which in many cases is what you need when it comes to finding solutions.

Brainstorm with an “Outsider” – reach out to someone you trust and respect and run some ideas by them or get some ideas from them. It doesn’t mean the ideas will work, or won’t be something you already thought of, but getting a fresh perspective can help. It can help you look at it from a different angle. It could trigger you to defend a solution or decision that you were sure about, but when faced with someone questioning it, it can show you that you have strong feelings towards that idea.

For whatever method you try, the most important thing is to do it in whichever way works for you. There are usually many ways to solve any problem, but sometimes it may not be what you expected, or what the societal norm is.

Finding what works for you and your specific lifestyle is what is important. You are the one trying to better yourself and you need to get creative to achieve that, so pull out the markers and paper and get started.

Your journey is your own, and you have the power to stand up and figure it out. You can always continue on your self-improvement journey or you can see a barrier and let it stop you in your tracks.

The choice is yours and yours alone.

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