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Transforming Lives: Integral Wellness Revolutionizes Fitness for All Ages and Levels

In a world where sedentary lifestyles and a lack of fitness have become increasingly prevalent, Integral Wellness is leading a revolution by welcoming individuals of all ages and fitness levels into a supportive and empowering fitness community. So many people let go of their health over time, while others have […]

Feel Better, Perform Better

Did you know that most Canadians are not making an effort to stay hydrated? And that it has an impact on overall health? It’s crazy to think that three out of four people may not be drinking enough water. While most people have heard the common suggestion to drink eight […]

Get The Calories Burning

We know it’s easy to give warm-up a miss when you are short on time, and keen to get the heart pumping and the calories burning. BUT…warm-up is super important in avoiding injury, and preparing our muscles and nervous system so they can work optimally during your workout.  Here are […]

Stretching and Recovery Tools

We’ve touched on the importance of regular stretching and warm-ups and their importance in preventing workout injuries. Now we want to talk about some of the tools and equipment you can use to help your body recover faster and better after a workout, while also preventing a painful injury.  1. […]

Mindset Is Everything

I was working with this client in a personal training session, and I knew the weights she was lifting were not challenging her. Every time I mentioned trying to increase the weight of those dumbbells, she would look at me with an angry face and say “no, I can’t do […]