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How To Stay On Track With New Year’s Goals

It’s January and gyms are getting more new memberships than any other time of the year.

A lot of people made their 2023 resolutions and are genuinely motivated to work for them.

Despite the best intentions and even after financial investments, by March, most of those people going to big box gyms will have cancelled or simply stopped going to their fitness centers.

It’s a situation that repeats itself year after year… So why does that happen to so many people?

It usually comes down to planning and goal setting – when you set goals, make sure they are SMART. If you’ve never heard of smart goals, check the info-graphic below and make sure your vision include each of these criteria.

Now that you have a realistic goal in mind, here are the steps to succeed, even after the initial excitement wears off:

  • Create smaller goals that lead to your long-term goals. Identify small action steps, i.e go to bed at 10pm on work nights, eat fruits everyday, or walk at least 10k steps daily.
  • Set yourself up for success. Make bad habits inconvenient and good habits convenient.
  • Do not take on too much. Pick about 3 goals that can align and work together.
  • Plan for barriers. Recognize what the barriers to success are and problem solve on how to get through them.
  • Find positive accountability support. Family, friends, coworker or fellow fitness class member.
  • Give yourself grace. Mistakes or set backs are part of the process. These moments allow you to learn.
  • Recognize the small wins, as well as the big wins. Improvement is improvement, celebrate it.
  • Commit to yourself. You made this goal to improve your life, now honour that. Make the space within your life for yourself.

Goal setting and accountability are key to stay on track, because those strategies, such as celebrating small wins, give you the motivation to keep going. Every small step counts and brings you closer to your big vision, but a clear plan is necessary. Sometimes life gets in the way and you need to know exactly what your next step is.

If you know where you want to be, but have trouble setting goals and planning for success, at Integral Wellness we offer complimentary goal setting assessments to show you the way.

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