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It’s Always The Food

Did you know that a healthy diet is the most important factor in achieving great fitness results? Here are some easy ways to improve your nutrition:

Up the H20 – water can be a game-changer. We need water to hydrate after those sweaty workouts, but also to help with circulating nutrients around the body and flushing out waste from our system. Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so keep up the water throughout the day and you may find yourself eating less. Try and replace sugary drinks, tea, coffee and juice with a glass of pure H20 to meet your daily needs. 

Switch to Good Carbs – we need carbohydrates to fuel our bodies, but we want to choose those that provide a slow release of energy, not a massive spike in sugar. Switch out white bread, white pasta, white rice and cakes for whole-grain bread, brown rice, whole fruits & vegetables, and legumes. 

Enjoy lots of protein – make sure each meal has a healthy portion of protein, with lean options such as poultry, fish, and beans being preferable. Nuts are a great easy snack throughout the day but don’t overdo it. 

Healthy fats – fats from avocado, fish, nuts and plant oils are considered healthy fats. Include these in your diet and avoid too many saturated fats often found in butter, cream, milk, fatty & processed meats.

5 a day! – yep, this one you will know. Plenty of vegetables and fruits are great for our diet. If you can, consume more vegetables than fruit, which can still be high in sugar.

Limit the Alcohol – alcohol unfortunately ups your calorie intake, doesn’t curb your hunger and adds no nutritional value. If you can’t avoid completely, set some reasonable limits.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips on fitness, weight loss and achieving your goals. If you have a specific question relating to performance or nutrition, you may want to schedule in some time with one of our trainers.