One life: healthier, happier

Whatever it takes to improve your health

Humans are made to move, and you know the consequences when you don’t.

You might notice your physical condition is not the same, some mobility issues, back pain, low energy, to name a few.Maybe you’ve been dealing with a few of those for a while, so why can’t you do anything about it? If survival is an instinct, why don’t we take care of our most precious resource, ourselves?

Information is constantly put out there, what you should be eating, what you shouldn’t, how much physical activity you should do, and the price of not taking care of your body. We know what we need. Still, so many of us have trouble starting a fitness or nutrition routine to reach their goals.

We have all been through this. Regardless of how much you want it or need it, you still don’t know where to start? Sometimes, even after making an appointment at the gym, you find an excuse to postpone or cancel it. Does it sound familiar?

We went through all those same challenges, years ago. When we finally found our own path to wellness, all we wanted was to share what we learned and help everyone we knew, but it was challenging to engage them.

Looking for ways to be heard was a journey that led us to learn more and more until we became trainers. Now we have an opportunity to help you professionally.

We know the simple idea of exercising may be intimidating, and for that reason we work so hard to create an inviting atmosphere that everybody loves. To overcome fears or uncertainties we make sure to always deliver a welcoming and encouraging experience. We make it fun, friendly, and not competitive, but still pushing everyone to give their best and to keep improving every day.

We show all the modifications so that our members can do it their own way, at their own pace, according to their body.If those options are not enough, we find more options, because they always exist, it’s just a matter of being mindful and careful enough to go look for them. Being a wellness coach is a lot more than executing planned tasks, lists of moves and calculating meal sizes. It’s the individual that counts, so every day we have to learn more. We have to learn about you.

We must know it’s not about ourselves, our knowledge, our body. It’s about everybody else, finding out all those truths that are not in the books and that we don’t understand because they belong to everyone’s own story. Only with that mindset you can build trust because you are honestly there to help and not to judge. When you believe everyone can do it, and you are true to the lifestyle you promote, you can send that message and be heard. Everything we figured out, though, is only possible when we are interacting.

We needed you to get to that stage, so a final piece was still missing: what leads to that first step of looking for help and pursuing a change?We know a lot of people may be uncomfortable with a typical gym environment, and that is why we do it differently. We offer phone, video call or in person appointments wherever is comfortable, just to chat, get to know you, learn what you look for, what motivates you, and how we can help. We share valuable information that could help you find your answers or even do things on your own, investing time on free consultations, free trials and giving all the support you need to get started whenever you are confident.

Once you start, motivation grows naturally after every session, when you realize you did something important for yourself and gave another step towards reaching your goals and towards becoming the person you want to be. Our team is passionate about creating a positive environment, very energetic, and always able to deliver motivational sessions that really promote a change, while you enjoy every step of your journey.

You will feel accomplished after every hour you spend with us. All we need is a chance to meet (help us help you!).