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Busy Life and Healthy Eating

If you live a busy life, it can be hard to keep healthy eating on track. Some people grab unhealthy options on the run, are travelling lots so eat our frequently, or simply decide to not eat at all because they are too busy.

Eating the right food on a regular basis is even MORE IMPORTANT if you are busy! You need to have the fuel right?!

Here’s how you can keep yourself accountable as a busy person:

Eating out – look for the healthy options on the menu. Bypass the fries and choose the grilled fish and vegetable option, or maybe pick the salad. There are always options- you just have to look for them or ask the waiter. 

Travelling – If you are spending time in airports, on the road or on a train, then it’s important to pack ahead. Make sure you have some healthy go-to snacks so you are lured by the easy junk-food option. 

Start the day right –  before you jet out the door make sure you have started your day right with a healthy nutritious breakfast. It will help keep you fuelled throughout the day,  and starts your healthy eating pattern off right.  

Block out time in your diary – this can be hard but if you find people are constantly booking in lunchtime meetings, or late day meetings and you simply aren’t getting time to eat, then perhaps it’s time to add some personal time in your diary. Put yourself first! You’ll be stepping into meetings with much great mental clarity if you have eaten correctly. 

If you find it hard to squeeze in time for exercise and eating healthy feel free to book in a session with our team here: