One life: healthier, happier

Meet Ally

Ally has a master’s degree in software engineering and a bachelor’s in computer science. Over 15 years of experience working for a multinational high-tech company in challenging environments, under pressure, tight deadlines and lots of KPI’s.

During her long-term IT, project management and business management career, she successfully helped people develop their skills and thrive on their own careers, supporting and celebrating their achievements along the way.

She certainly believes in science and likes to find technical explanations and answers for everything, but she also believes that scientific and rational thinking don’t hold the key to everything of importance in her life.

On her journey, she discovered the most fundamental development we need in our lives: is nurturing our Body and Mind through a healthy lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, and meditation. Today, her passion is a new career and venture! Founder of Integral Wellness, she wants to help people feel good about themselves – the key to happiness, and everybody wants that!

Her goal is to connect her experience with people and project management, with her experience with wellness, nutrition and exercise, to help individuals to enjoy life feeling healthier and happier about themselves!