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Are you 40+ and Ready to Live a Life You Absolutely Love?

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Feel Better And Happier As Quickly As 12 Weeks – Or Your Money Back!


This is for you if…

  • You DID NOT win the genetic lottery but still want to LOOK & FEEL AMAZING after 40
  • You're sick of your OLD WEIGHT LOSS HACKS not cutting it anymore and want to get back into shape
  • You want to FIGHT OFF chronic DISEASE and LOWER your BLOOD SUGAR levels
  • You want to become LEAN and FIT but not by spending long hours in the gym
  • You want to join a Fun and Exciting Program ​and FEEL ENERGIZED again!

“The Biggest Adventure You can Take is Living the Life of Your Dreams.”


  • How to get SLIM & TONED and how to keep your body in SHAPE whilst having fun.
  • ​How to unleash your inner GODDESS and feel POWERFUL and how to improve your life with better health & mobility.
  • ​Improved fitness, strength and conditioning while learning exciting new skill sets.
  • ​How to set yourself goals, and implement an enjoyable game plan that sees you ACHIEVE THEM.
  • How to reset your mind frame to avoid quick results and fads, replacing them with LONG-TERM health & fitness benefits.

What's included…

  • Our team will teach, motivate and help you commit to a healthier lifestyle, reaching your health and weight goals.
  • Your coach will adapt your program as you train and as your schedule changes, while keeping you accountable and engaged along the way.
  • Small dietary changes make a big impact on your health. Our no-diet approach helps you deal with real-life curve balls and making healthy changes.
  • Track your food, message your coach, and access tailored resources like healthy recipes.
  • Accountability​- beginning with a goal setting and assessment session to ensure our trainers can guide you to achieve your goals in the most effective, yet safest way possible.
  • Tailored Nutritional Guidance that is easy to follow and won't break the bank!
  • 100% Support so you don't have to do it alone – You will join our amazing community who want to see you succeed and will support you every step of the way.