I was hesitant to go to any workout: classes or private
My lifestyle changed after joining 3rd Degree
The personal care they provide is amazing.
They are caring they are not there just for the money they want to see results.
Thank you to all!

Rolande Thibodeau | Oct 2022

This gym is the perfect place for me. I started training with a personal trainer 6 months ago because I needed to be fit and needed someone to guide me and show me how to do it. At 48 years old, I had never gone to a gym and was quite frankly intimidated by the thought of joining one. I have found a place to get fit where I feel I belong thanks to, not only my amazing personal trainer Ally, but to all the wonderful staff at 3rd Degree Training Moncton. I am now attending fitness classes regularly along with a community of welcoming and encouraging people. I am so grateful to have been recommended this place! I am getting fit every day and now have the confidence to say YES when I am invited to go for a hike or a bike ride with friends and family. This was my goal and I have reached it with the help of the wonderful people at 3rd Degree Training. Joining this fitness center was a great investment in my overall health and well-being! 10 out of 10 recommend!

Lise Duguay | Sep 2021

My profession has been hard on my neck, shoulders and lower back. I was very hesitant to go to the gym for fear that I would hurt myself and make things worse. With the advise of wonderful friends, I joined 3rd Degree Training 4 months ago and this has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and my overall health. I started with the amazing personal trainer Ally Santos who guided me through and showed me the proper way to strengthen my weak areas. My body has never felt so good and I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish. At 52 years old, I am doing activities that I would never have been able to do before. I am now attending the group classes and all the trainers are amazing. It is a wonderful friendly atmosphere and I would recommend this gym to anyone. Thank you Ally and the rest of the team at 3rd Degree Training. ❤️

Christine Theriault | Sep 2021

I joined Third Degree as I was so out of shape and had no confidence in myself. The staff are great motivators. I was looking for a workout that would be a challenge. We start all our workouts at a slow pace and work our way to more intense levels. We are never bored at our workouts. When we have completed our training, we are out of breath but feel refreshed. Meeting Covid 19 requirements are no problem there. This is the place to go for all you fitness goals.

Barbara Steeves | Mar 2021

I have been a client of 3rd Degree Moncton for over 3 years. The HITT classes are my favourite, that said there are a number of other class types available as well as personal training. Kudos to Daniel, Ally and Jamie the last year has certainly been a challenged, but you have pivoted and adapted during this difficult time.

Allison Lang | Feb 2021

If you are looking for a gym with staff that will encourage and root for you every step of the way then you need to join 3rd Degree. It’s easy to schedule your workout in as they have consistent timings for their fitness class. I am recovering from a car accident and they ask about my limitations and provide alternates that I can do. The classes are small and the gym is cleaned after each class which is comforting in these Covid times. I highly recommend 3rd Degree.

Amanda Inkpen | Feb 2021

When we started the new year and Covid19 was still around, we knew we needed extra motivation to improve our fitness. Both in our 50’s, we didn’t want to join classes with someone in their physical prime. So, we started the personal training with Ally as a couple activity. She has created interesting workouts that are designed to improve our weaknesses. Ally is always there to remind us the correct body position and designs the movements with our previous injuries in mind. During the red phase, we dusted off our equipment at the house and continued our workouts with Ally on Zoom. She has the right combination of push and encouragement and is very adaptive.

We are both happy with the results (more energy during the day, decreased pain from previous injury, increased cardio endurance, increased fitness, spending time together to improve our health). And you know what? We really enjoy staying at the house during this red phase and continue our workouts 3 times per week with Ally. We will be ready and fit to travel the world when we can.

Carole Manzerolle and Yves Boudreau | Jan 2021

I’ve been a member of 3rd Degree Training Moncton for over 4 years now and just love it! The everyday changing workouts never get boring. I find they can be adapted to all level of fitness. Even after being at it for this long, they don’t get any easier! You get better at it so you’re able to do more and push yourself even further.
The staff at 3rd Degree is amazing and really there to help you. The environment is a very positive one and so motivating! I especially enjoy the regular fitness classes. I prefer the in-person classes, but because of the phases of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have also started offering virtual classes and I’ve enjoyed them as well!

Danièle Thibodeau | Jan 2021

I joined 3rd Degree about 4 years ago. Jamie and the whole team are great motivators. I personally feel that the 3rd Degree programs are designed for all age groups and physical levels. Their individual monitoring ensures I am carrying out my exercises in the most beneficial way. The other aspect that I thoroughly enjoy is the nutritional side of the house where they assist you with proper diet choices and ensure accountability - a great support.
3rd Degree motto of "Your body is your gym" is bang on when it comes to your well being and I'm so glad I chose this gym, where everyone makes you feel like you are part of a family. They have adapted quickly with Covid to ensure you can still get your workouts and monitoring in a safe way. Way to go 3rd Degree! Keep up the great work!

JP Dumont | Jan 2021

My trainer at 3rd Degree is amazing. He personalizes and takes the time to coordinate a different workout each time that is tailored to me and my goals. Daniel is always energetic and there to encourage and push me during our early morning sessions. I have joined 1 month ago and I already notice a difference in my mood, energy levels and endurance (in trying to keep up with a toddler!).
In these times, carving out time and prioritizing our health is the best investment we can make. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend you call and book that first appointment. You'll be glad you did!

Nicole Ouellette | Jan 2021

I'm not a gym person but coming here for training is the best thing I've done for myself and my overall health.

They are very knowledgeable and work with you to attain your goal. If you're thinking of joining a gym, I highly recommend 3rd Degree Training Moncton.

Ginette Lajoie | Jan 2021

I joined this gym about 5 weeks ago. I am amazed on how hard these folks are working. They go above and beyond to make sure the place is safe and clean, and they truly care about “me” and how I am feeling.

I have very high standards in terms of work ethic and respect for those who are passionate about what they do for work... my trainer, Daniel Burguez and the team shared these values, no doubt.

Céline Robichaud | Dec 2020

I wish I had discovered 3rd Degree Training sooner. The ability to have one-on-one personal training without the hassle of a gym membership is a model that works for me. Daniel Burguez works me to my limit each session but keeps it fun and adapts it as we go to work best for me and my goals.

Check them out if you just need a kick in the butt like I did!

Marc Belliveau | Dec 2020

I joined 3rd Degree Training Moncton a little over 3 months ago and love my personal training experience. Daniel is a great personal trainer who will make you feel comfortable and make sure you attain your personal goals. He knows how to motivate and push you while also respecting your limits.
All employees are extremely friendly and supportive. Everyone there welcome you and do everything in order for your experience to be exceptional.

Geneviève Laforge | Nov 2020

The best thing I have done by joining 3rd Degree Training. Staff are extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. I always leave feeling so good after my workout.

If you are also looking for one on one personal training Ally is amazing and does the work out with you.

Highly recommend 3rd Degree training!

Vicky Barton | Sep 2020