Unlimited Fitness Membership


With access to unlimited classes, you can stay motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness and health goals! Perfect for complete beginners to trained athletes. You will have access to the group classes below:

  • Unlimited Fitness classes.
  • Unlimited Stretch & Strength classes.
  • Unlimited Weight Circuit classes.
  • Unlimited TRX Suspension Training classes.
  • Unlimited Hybrid classes.
  • Virtual Live and Recorded classes. No special equipment required.

Join our community and get involved in daily challenges that help you to stay motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness and health goals!

Our fitness camp group classes are a perfect option for anyone looking to start a workout routine that will bring results! When you walk into any 3rd Degree Training facility, you’re entering a community filled with people just trying to do their best! Whether you’re completely new to fitness or lack the knowledge and motivation to push yourself at the gym to achieve your goals, we can be your solution!

Membership and packages will auto-renew on expiration unless cancelled with 15 days written notice.

6 Month Membership: 12 bi-weekly payments of $59.99+hst.


  • Our regular Fitness Class better prepares the body for daily activities. At 3rd Degree Training, we do a full-body functional training. Never tried a group fitness class before? You’re in the right place! We have modifications to make easier on you until you progress at your on pace.
  • We also offer Weight Circuit incorporating some equipment (You won’t need special equipment, although we may ask you to search around the house for some objects!) — it’s an effective workout that complements the high-intensity workouts on toning muscles and burning fat.
  • Our Stretch and Strength class improves muscular strength, flexibility and balance. We know that as we age, our bodies lose muscle and bone density making it less stable. A few minutes a week working on areas like arms, legs and core muscles can make you stronger. It could help prevent diseases like osteoporosis, not to mention avoid injuries.
  • TRX Fusion Suspension Training for All Fitness Levels, leverages your own body weight using suspension training straps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously! Our Suspension Training Class combine posture moves with suspension training straps training – ensuring proper form in a non-threatening atmosphere.
  • Our Hybrid Class mix our traditional HIIT functional fitness class, incorporating dumbbells and a few new challenges that will help you with muscle toning, fat burning and reaching that healthy weight to improve your life and well-being. It is a functional training style of class to help you improve muscular strength, flexibility and balance. An effective workout if you want some help with toning and fat burning.
  • Virtual Classes offers the same awesome program, motivation, accountability and community online! Live and recorded classes and exercise from the comfort of your home. No special equipment required. Our motto has always been “Your body is your gym” and that is all you need to have amazing workouts! 3rd Degree Training Virtual membership includes unlimited access to daily new workouts through a private Facebook group and our community will help you stay motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness and health goals.