One life: healthier, happier

Meet Daniel

Daniel was born in Brazil, where he became an electrical engineer and had a successful career in design and project management. In search of a better quality of life, Daniel moved to Canada in 2015. In Moncton, he graduated in civil engineering technology at NBCC in 2017 and kept working in the engineering field for another 2 years.

His journey in wellness started about ten years ago. As he gradually learned that it was possible to increase health and wellness through simple changes in lifestyle, he wanted to share his learnings and help other people see improvements in their lives.

In 2019, after dramatic changes in his lifestyle, after all the challenges of moving to a new country including learning new languages, something was still missing.  It was time to pursue a new career. After so many years in fitness and nutrition, he got certified as a personal trainer and became an entrepreneur! His passion became a full-time job.

Founder of Integral Wellness, when you come to an appointment, you have his total attention. He cares about you and wants to help you become healthier by supporting lifestyle changes. He puts a lot of time in creating personalized activities that are not just effective, but also enjoyable, making sure that after each hour you spend with him, you feel accomplished and proud of your work. He believes each person will have their individual journey, taking more or less time, work, or sacrifices than others, but everyone can achieve their goals. All they need is that first step!