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Treadmill (or clothes hanger?)

The treadmill is either the most loved, or the most hated piece of equipment in the gym. At home it’s famous for changing your life, or being used as a clothes hanger. No doubts about it though, it’s a great way to get moving, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and burn […]

What do I eat before training?

It’s becoming more and more popular—you’re cooling down after an intense workout and someone says, “I’m exhausted, I can’t believe I forgot to take my pre-workout today.” Athletes and gym-goers alike are taking pre-workout to help them push through exercise harder and faster. And if you’ve taken it before, you […]

Heartwarming Recipe

Some evenings, particularly cold ones, a warm dessert is the perfect way to end the day. Just because you are working on our health and fitness goals, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out. The secret lies in choosing the best ingredients. Check out this delicious and easy Apple […]

The Proactive Approach to Happy Aging

Active Aging is a proactive approach to minimizing the effects of getting older, by practising a healthy lifestyle. Being active and healthy will provide lots of benefits and help reduce the risk of not only disease, but also injury and falls as we age.  Here’s some specific benefits of being […]

The Truth About Joint Pain

It’s common to think joint pain only affects elderly people or those who’ve experienced injuries. The truth is millions of people suffer from joint pain, including athletes or anyone who exercises regularly. People who regularly strength-train likely have experienced joint pain before, and many probably deal with it on a […]

Pilates Class Decoded

The popularity of Pilates has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and there are good reasons why. Pilates based movement has also integrated itself into variety classes as well, and here at Integral Wellness we offer dedicated Pilates classes using only your body weight. Pilates strengthens your core […]